Creative versatility, meet immaculate quality.

Creative versatility, meet immaculate quality.

About The Studio

Si Maclennan Studio is a creative workshop specialising in strategically led design and creative direction with a practical outlook and an eye for craft and meticulous detail. We believe that the future of design is independently minded, yet collaborative in output. We work with a network of specialists in a wide range of creative fields to translate the responsiveness and personal quality of a one-man-studio into the scalability and impact of an agency.

Our work typically begins with a brand development process, evolving outward from a central identity to encompass digital communications, marketing, packaging, and a host of other creative disciplines. We are industry agnostic, but we have an affinity for the fringe, often bringing unusual ideas into the mainstream with coordinated visual thinking. If you have an important idea that needs a voice, please reach out and see how we can bring it to life.

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About Si

I’m a senior brand designer, creative director, and visual artist from Cape Town, South Africa. I've spent over a decade in the advertising and design industry, punching in my 10,000 hours to develop craft and critical thought. After becoming dissatisfied with how audiences are viewed as a metric, and big ideas are a means to a financial end, I decided to mindfully contribute to a future where brands create authentic value, and enrich people’s lives. I believe in the ability of design to facilitate the exchange. My studio is dedicated to the big and small ideas that matter, and the people who believe in them.

Happy Clients

"There's a very real difference between good designers and great designers. Every time we work with Si, we end up with something well thought out and beautiful. If you want to work with an epic designer then Si is your man."

Bo Bissict
Co-Founder, Govchain

"Si played an integral role in working with us to develop the brand strategy and then blew us away as he brought it to life. Finding good designers is one thing, but finding a designer who can add value on a strategic level as they develop a brand is invaluable."

James Gilmour
Founder, Mary's Muse

"Si took time to really understand our company before creating something that worked for us. He listened, discussed options, and worked closely with us to create something we absolutely love. He's a pleasure to work with."

Chris Metcalfe
Director, How Might We

"One of the best designers I have had the pleasure of working with. Si injected the perfect balance of approachability, forward-thinking design, and professionalism into our project. We are now using him across all of our projects - he is an invaluable asset."

Tyler Golato
Co-Founder, Molecule

"Si’s creativity, strategic thinking, and dedication to high-quality collateral across all mediums have been instrumental in ensuring Speedinvest is well-positioned in the very competitive world of venture capital."

Jeremy Crider
Head of Communications, Speedinvest

"Working with Si is an absolute delight, he doesn't just design and develop, he partners with you, lending his expertise to your project in a way that truly feels collaborative. He anticipated our needs, and has significantly elevated our company's standing."

Maeve Bella Coleman
Co-Founder, Netcore

"Si is the specialist design gun I’d pull in a logo knife fight."

Matt Visser

"Si is incredibly creative and always has a strong vision of what he wants to create yet he is also completely flexible to integrating our ideas as well. Truly a world class talent!"

Andrew Verbinnen
Co-Initiator, HairDAO

"Si and his studio have been very responsive to our evolving needs. More than just timely delivery, an ability to distill the essence of the target audience perspective into a tight, responsive design language that is accessible and powerful."

Todd White
Operations Steward, VitaDAO
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Let's make something great!
Let's make
something great!
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